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Questions? Contact Us:

The Annual Marketing Strategy Program

Imagine Your Business 
With These Advantages:
  • Maintain a simple plan that offers step by step strategies in a language that you can actually understand (what a concept!)
  • Clarity on your unique customer journey, which is the foundational focus of your digital marketing efforts
  • Expert support that comes from years of actual marketing experience from working with hundreds of satisfied clients (no theories around here)
  • ​Work with a true partner that understands that our company's success comes from your company's success
  • ​Get in on an unmatched value proposition in the digital marketing industry that puts YOUR company's best interest first
Check Out Some Real Client Feedback From This Program:

Joe K. - MAJiK Marketing


Paige and I really enjoyed our hour with you today.

You made lots of great points and suggestions.

We liked the "Front / Back / Traffic" framework for thinking about a funnel.

And it sounds like we are all on the same page that we should crank out the "Front & Back" by 8/1 and then turn our attention to traffic.

I loved your points about "Organic." I've basically ignored Organic, thinking the Paid would just be a lot easier to scale, but you certainly have me questioning that assumption!

Paige and I will debrief and get back you with the "bullets" we'd like you to drive for the "Front & Back" project.


PS - I also liked the idea that the Video Course might be the "middle of the funnel" for some prospects but could be a top of the funnel "lead magnet" for other prospects.

PPS - I am current planning to make the Video Course available on the website WITHOUT requiring an email address, but required the email address for all the PDF lead magnets (guides, case studies, reports).

PPPS - You also helped shine a light on a huge opportunity with is the "Weekly Email Communication" which we are current not doing."

Brad C. - Clark Asset Management, LLC

Here's What You'll Get:
  • Quarterly digital marketing review of your existing digital marketing assets - Includes screen share video from me where I review your ads, offers, funnels, website, email marketing, social media, and your blog. (Value = $1,188/yr)
  • Quarterly digital marketing action plan - Will provide a visual roadmap on what to do next based on the review that I complete. (Value = $388/yr)
  • Quarterly Zoom 1hr digital marketing strategy & planning call - This time together will be phenomenally motivational and actionable. (Value = $1,588/yr)
  • ​​Quarterly Q&A email support (9 questions per quarter) - Have a pressing question between quarterly calls? Let us know what you need help with and we will do our best to get you answers within 48 hours during standard business hours. (Value = $788/yr)
  • ​​Unlimited Shared Slack Workspace Access - Exchange ideas with the community of other members of the program.  Since we work with entrepreneurs from a wide range of niches, this will offer a relevant, collaborative, and unique experience. (Value = $388/yr)

You Only Pay = $4,340 $997

*Annual price increases after 1st year to $2,497, upon renewal

Step #1: Make Your Selection

Add Unlimited Chat + Email Q&A Support Now! (Only $197): This gives you unlimited Slack & email support with our team and you will get answers within 24 hours, instead of the standard 48 hours. *This applies during standard US business days, between 9 am and 6 pm EST and this does not include any US holidays. You also will have unlimited use of the support resources, instead of the standard limit of 9 emails per quarter. This is an upgrade option for new clients only. This is an included feature in all renewal packages.

Step #2: Enter Your Info
Step #3: Enter Your Payment Info
Step #4: Review Your Order
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